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Renewable and Alternate Energy Resources - Green Power
Kid's We Need Your Help!

                -- Green Slime:  Algae, like most green plants, feeds on carbon dioxide (CO2). Can Algae be used to make a CO2 'Scrubber' ??

                -- Hydrogen is a possible clean source of fuel for vehicles; burnt chicken feathers can store lots of it without high pressures!
                    Design a fuel tank!

                -- Roof Top Gardens cool down urban buildings and provide oxygen too!  What plants work best?

                -- Help Spread the news about 'Live Straw' for cleaner water worldwide!  Healthier people will save lives and energy!

                -- The world needs an affordable, solar-heated water heater ... can you design it!?

                -- Our houses lose too much heat in the winters ... How do we make them more efficient!?  Will you check your house for leaks?


American Solar Energy Society
'Established in 1954'

The American Solar Energy Society
The American Solar Energy Society

U.S. Dept. of Energy

National Offshore Wind Strategy (.pdf)
A National Offshore Wind Strategy - Creating an Offshore Wind Energy in the US

Environmental Science Degree - 101 Terrific Sites on Renewable Energy Environmental Science Degree
101 Terrific Sites on RENEWABLE ENERGY
WESTAR Buys Electricity From Two Kansas Windfarms in Production
Post Rock Wind Farm Project
Ellsworth & Lincoln counties
see Wind Capital Group

Ironwood Wind Power Project
Ford & Hodgeman counties, Kansas
Today's Green Minute with Jim Parks LIVE SCIENCE
Today's Green Minute - Dozens of excellent videos on Green Innovations
such as WindowFarms,
an open source community project.

R E N E W A B L E     E N E R G Y
~~   Solar Power, Wind Energy, Green Power Innovations, Alternative Energy Resources   ~~

Ozarks Green Building

Alternative Energy Co. LLC
Three Missouri Locations

Missouri Department of
Natural Resources

Energy-efficiency Information

Missourians for Safe Energy
Safe, Sustainable Energy Now!

Partnership for Sustainability
Ozarks Greenscore

Crowder College
MARET CENTER: Missouri Alternative & Renewable Energy Technology

Renew Missouri
  • Advances Energy Efficiency
    and Renewable Energy

  • Enviro-Structures
    Pre-Engineered Building Systems
    Willard, Missouri

    City of Springfield MO
    Recycling Programs and Information

    Energy Future Coalition
    Washington DC

    Black River Electric Coop
    FAQ - Your Touchstone Energy Partner

    Barry Electric Coop
    Energy Efficiency and Rebates

    Ozark Electric Coop
    Rebates Available

    Sac Osage Electric Coop
    Heat Pump Rebate Program

    SWEC - Southwest Electric Coop
    Links to Energy Saving Resources

    Golden Fuel Systems
    Convert Your Diesel Vehicle to Vegetable Oil

    Associated Electric Coop
    Wind Power Partner

    Ozark Border Electric Coop
    Rebates for Some High-Efficiency Appliances

    Wind Capital Group
    Bringing Wind Energy Home

    American Wind Energy Association
    Industry News, Links, Issues and Events

    NREL - National Renewable Energy Laboratory
    Leading Clean Energy Innovation

    Sunbelt Environmental Services
    Solving Environmental Problems
    Springfield MO - Since 1986

    Watershed Center
    Clean Water for Life
    Sac River Watershed - SW Missouri

    Ozark Mountain Regional
    Public Water Authority

    Bull Shoals Lake Supplies 4 Arkansas Counties

    American Rivers
    Ozark National Scenic Riverways
    Overuse and Poor Management Issues
    Current and Jacks Fork Rivers

    Ozarks Clean Water Co.
    Clean Water for Rural Missouri

    Arkansas Wind & Solar
    Solar, Wind & Geothermal Systems
    Installed & Serviced in Northwest AR

    LifeStraw Portable Water Filters
    LifeStraw Portable Water Filters SAVE LIVES - BUY
    Vestergaard / Frandsen Disease Control Textiles:  Mosquito Netting - CarePack - ZeroFly Shelter
    Products for the Prevention of Malaria, Waterborne Bacteria, Cholera, HIV/AIDS
    and a number of other devastating diseases. Purchase or Donate.

    LifeStraw Portable Water Filters
    SunStash Offers Portable Solar Power Capable Of Powering Most Personal Devices

    Solar Charging System: 10W and 15W versions for portable devices; 2 devices at once.

    Wind and Solar, Are They Enough? Wind and Solar Energy Resources:  Renewable, But Are They Enough?

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