H O M E        COMMENTARY: To Believers, Religious Community

N O N - B E L I E V E R S
Here We Explore the Empirical, Materialist viewpoint most common on Earth

At the start of this inquiry we must make sure the reader realizes we are attempting to explain *all of reality* ... all existence throughout the entire spectrum of *measurable - observeable* existence from the seemingly endless expanse of the cosmos with its countless galaxies ... down to the tiniest parts of an atom that science has managed to measure.  And, of course, somewhere in the middle, living things including humans must be explained.  

From this starting point of explaining all reality as we know it (for we can only offer a 'model of explanation'), the possibilities quickly slim down to what I call the 'TOP DOWN' model versus the 'BOTTOM UP' explanation.  There really cannot be any mixing of the two, either one or the other must prevail.  Bit of a tight spot for both believers and non-believers it seems at first ... science has proven to most of the world that evolution of the species and other related theories are iron-clad fact ... yet the Creationists stoutly claim that God created all reality, including human beings, in only six days and our planet has only existed for some 6,000 years or so.  So the battlelines are clearly drawn in our modern 'civilized' society.  Both camps cannot be correct, though I hope to show both are partially correct and mostly wrong.

(*Darwin, by the way, wisely avoided any attempt at discussing how life might have come to be in the first place and only talked about the evolution of species as a natural response to environmental changes and contraints.  Such declarations were quite enough to infuriate much of the church hierarchies but fortunately for him, they had given up on the strategy of burning someone alive to teach them a lesson.  His work is an important step in man's plodding forward in understanding our world but is not relevant to our discussion here.)

TOP DOWN:  In the TOP DOWN model, the material worlds and the living beings that live on them are all brought into existence by GOD the Eternal Father: *spiritual begats material - spiritual begats life* to include astroids, life forms, DNA, atoms and electrons, the physical forces of gravity, light .. everything.

BOTTOM UP:  In the BOTTOM UP model, the material worlds and the living beings that live on them are all brought into existence by rocks, molecules, compounds, atoms bumping around in a random fashion; the amazing conclusion:  the power to create everything, the force of causation for all existence, we are to believe, is in the chaos of numberless interactions of physical contact.  Of course, there seems to be little discussion regarding where the 'rocks' or the energy came from in the first place.

So, of course, to non-believers all answers and explanations to existence must be and will be found in the BOTTOM UP theory.  And they have adopted a rather strange caveat to their pontifications and that is, for now, the exclusion of any need to explain life, mindfulness / consciouness, and in humans, no explanation of 'personality' or freewill, or self-reflection of our own existential dilemma, is necessary at this time, thank you.  One must make note and wonder why and how could materialists, using their very minds, have chosen to to do such a thing!

So here we really come to the crash up of the materialist model.  We hear such incredibly ambiguous terms as 'dark matter' and 'dark energies' to offer explanations for observed data, measured and remeasured of the vast universe.  Cosmologists, medical science, psychologists, mathematicians, physicists indeed science in general has 'hit the wall.'   We now realize our scientific models of explanation are extremely weak and that the 'anomolies' that don't fit must soon be investigated. Science, it seems, can 'name' anything but can explain almost nothing.

Not a hint of explanation for life, mind or personality.  Their best is that rocks, molecules, compounds, atoms bumping around in a random fashion are somehow the causitive force and we'll get back to you just as soon as we've got it figured out.

The only source in print that has a model of explanation powerful enough to explain all of reality is The Urantia Book.  It is the revelation for our time, for our planet, ordained by Jesus and GOD Himself to help in our struggle for post-default, post-rebellion survival by self-reflective human beings on the planet called Urantia.  I cannot recommend it strongly enough.  The only book that decisively explains why we 'endowed' humans don't need a book.  Be brave, be strong, seek not only truth, but the LIVING TRUTH residing within you... and read this book!

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