H O M E        COMMENTARY: To Non-Believers, Materialist Community

GOD has Endowed each Individual with a Mindful, Spiritual Presence of Himself!

The Apostles, God bless them all, struggled to understand their 'Master' and, though they represented an appropriate group of men of their times, the words of Jesus often confounded them.  Jesus used many words and concepts common to the Jewish 'culture,' such as Kingdom and Messiah, in order to facilitate their understanding of his teachings, striving to begin from the familiar in order to reach new knowledge.  Jesus taught them that there were two primary requirements to enter into the 'Kingdom' of God:  Unswerving faith in God the Father and to treat all men as you would have them treat you. These instructions to the Apostles have come down through the ages.

There were, however, important revelations to the Apostles that they just could not absorb, could not understand and which were not included in their writings that were later gathered up to make up the book we know as 'The Bible.'  These most important revelations HAVE BEEN INCLUDED in The Urantia Book.

WHERE IS GOD?  The most important CRUX of the revelatory information is virtually absent in the Apostolic Gospels.
Furthermore, this omission has left the inhabitants of Earth without a clear understanding of the single most important revelation!  The crux of Jesus' teachings was actually given to the Apostles after several of his mostly solitary 'communions with the Father' on the hillsides of Judea.  Jesus *did* tell his beloved Apostles many times that he was going to speak with his Father ... and upon returning to them, Jesus often told them to do the same ... talk to the Father who lives in your hearts and minds.

There is, of course, no doubt that the Eternal Father inhabits the Central Isle of Paradise at the center of all things.  What is not often understood, however, is that He has also elected to share a spiritual presence of Himself with each human inhabitant of our planet.  Living within the heart and mind of every normally developed individual is the spiritual presence of God, the Eternal Father.  When anyone portends to explain 'Where Is God?' they should stop pointing skyward, pointing to books or to things external to the person. The act of telling someone where God IS, is no trivial matter. To explain it incorrectly and mislead an individual much less a whole congregation about the inward presence of God is surely no good news at all.

Preachers, Priests, Pastors and Holy Men of all faiths must no longer deflect the Living Faith message of Jesus. The Truth of the mindful, inner spiritual presence, of God in the hearts and minds of men is the most powerful revelation to our planet.  To tell someone contemplating God that He, GOD, is a trillion trillion miles away is to deflect the Truth.  Such a comment is not only factually incorrect, it can often leave the individual with such existential angst and despair that his search for God may be abandoned along with any hope in his hungry soul.

As I see it, there will be a glimmer of hope when clergy, and all those who preach and interpret for the rest of us how to believe and think about GOD, will make the news by running through the streets shouting 'God has endowed us with a mindful spiritual presence inside our hearts and minds!!!' ... of course, he will have seen the LIGHT and will instantly recognize that further church-building is trivial and unneccessary and deflecting the actual TRUTH; (buildings may be good for fellowshipping but they have no priority, nor should ever claim such, about the true presence of God).  He will become aware that putting himself out of a job in this manner is the best thing he can do, alerting us all of the Living Faith - that SPIRITUAL FORCE that is trillions and trillions of times more important and powerful than our cleryman's previous activities of reading scripture and leading hymns.  Those are wonderful activities to do AFTER the real NEWS has been delivered; if the Living Truth is never uttered then those activities become a deflection.  Most likely our running and shouting clergy will be considered insane until more and more of us stand up the tell the Truth about the Living Faith of the Eternal Father. These few pages are my attempts to shout from the rooftops the truly GOOD NEWS !

UB Paper 137:  "You should learn to search for the secret of the new kingdom in your hearts and not in the hills."

He early taught his followers that the kingdom of heaven was a spiritual experience having to do with the enthronement of God in the hearts of men.

UB Paper 145:   ... he (Jesus) arose that Sunday morning long before daybreak and went all alone to one of his favorite places for communion with the Father

UB Paper 171:   'What Jesus said in his Sabbath sermon only tended to confuse the majority of his followers; very few were enlightened by the Master's discourse. The leaders understood something of his teachings regarding the inner kingdom, "the kingdom of heaven within you," but they also knew that he had spoken about another and future kingdom, and it was this kingdom they believed he was now going up to Jerusalem to establish.'


Jesus also gave the apostles an additional commandment which was to be carried out and passed forward by ALL of those who understood that there was a presence of God the Father inside of each human being.  That commandment was to carry forward that message to others; such knowledge was not to be stifled, hidden or unspoken.  Those who grasp the most crucial of Jesus' teachings were to relay to others that most wonderful of news.  Such believers owed it to a world hungry for the Living Faith to pronounce the presence of the God Within.

The Father Presence within the individual activates a 'Living Faith' which restores full dignity, gains full confidence and in immeasurable ways uplifts the individual's life to a moment-to-moment 'flow' through life's challenges and adversities.  The God Presence does not solve man's life challenges but uplifts his insights, awareness, mental strength, ethical decisions and more such that good decisions obtain lasting life resolutions, attainments and value awareness.

The Additional Commandant:  For all who understood the spiritual presence within man of the Father of All, it was incumbent upon them to begin treating others not just as you would treat yourself, but as Jesus would treat you.  Instead of a brotherly love, a Father's love is to pervade your interactions with all others.

The Life and Teaching of Jesus, Part IV of The Urantia Book, is the most important revelatory information to reach our planet throughout all time.

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