COMMENTARY: To Non-Believers, Materialist Community        COMMENTARY: To Believers, Religious Community

         'If this were a mechanistic universe, if the First Great Source and Center were only a
force and not also a personality, if all creation were a vast aggregation of physical matter
dominated by precise laws characterized by unvarying energy actions, then might perfection
obtain, even despite the incompleteness of universe status. There would be no disagreement;
there would be no friction. But in our evolving universe of relative perfection
and imperfection we rejoice that disagreement and misunderstanding are possible, for
thereby is evidenced the fact and the act of personality in the universe. And if our creation
is an existence dominated by personality, then can you be assured of the possibilities
of personality survival, advancement, and achievement; we can be confident of personality
growth, experience, and adventure. What a glorious universe, in that it is personal and
progressive, not merely mechanical or even passively perfect!' (Solonia)

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